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Bespoke Works

We offer a full range of professional management services as well as supplying our own staff to undertake all woodland and land-based operations. As a landowner, or land agent, this means you can deal with one company, with a constant point of contact, who ensure that all aspects of any projects or ongoing maintenance are completed in house.

Our open minded approach allows us to seek and solve all the involving elements of a project, on a real time basis.

Owl boxes:

Where possible, owl boxes should face onto grassland and be reasonably conspicuous with an open flight path to them. They should not face into the prevailing wind. Although barn owl nests are usually well spaced out, placing boxes in pairs, from twenty to a few hundred metres apart, will provide a pair with roosting as well as nesting sites. The male and female roost separately, and some pairs use different boxes in those good years when they can have two broods.

Bat boxes:

Tree mounted bat boxes are suitable for specific or various woodland species. Each unit provides the correctly sized space/crevice to provide bats with safe, predator-free environments for seasonal roosting or hibernating. The boxes should be put up facing different directions, to provide a range of conditions. Boxes should be put as high as possible in sheltered sunny places (Most species will use higher positioned boxes (around 5m high), although long-eared bats may use a box 1.5m above the ground). Some bats use a tree line or hedgerow for navigation. Putting boxes near these features may help the bats find the box. When installing consideration should be given to tree growth and boxes may need rehanging over time.

Kestrel boxes and perches:

Kestrels are small falcons and can often be seen hovering over grassland, open woodlands and parkland. Kestrels are cavity nesters, so trees or nest boxes are required to raise their young. Kestrels hunt by day, scanning the area while perched, then pounce on their prey.

Differing fencing solutions:

Bollard installation:

Cross Grip

Installation of Cross-grip track drainage