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Ground Restoration

We can plan & design/recreate a habitat after timber extraction, quarrying, building works or areas that have become over-grown and unmanageable.

This can include general landscaping, reseeding, advising on the placement, planning & type of trees, shrubs and hedgerow species most suited to the location, or the reseeding of grassland/wild flower meadows to encourage the return of the natural flora & fauna.

Our business can work effectively, safely and with the minimum of ground disturbance on all areas of your site. We aim to significantly reduce manual grass and scrub cutting with our slope mowers designed and approved to work on marginal terrain. We can minimise risk and maximise output whatever the weather, vegetation and slope. We can planning & design to recreate a habit after timber extraction, quarrying, building works or areas that have become over-grown and unmanageable.

Our machinery can operate on steep banks and ditches up to an angle of up to 30 degrees, making it ideal for bunds, banks and slopes, cutting grass or clearing brush and overgrown vegetation.

On more sensitive sites strimming and brushcutters can be used. Weed control of nettles, docks and other broadleaf weeds can be carried out by selectively spraying using our polaris & shrouded boom sprayer or via knapsack spraying.

The creation and maintenance of wildflower meadows to general grassland areas can be undertaken.

We are also able to repair farm or site tracks using our Ventrac:

When turf compaction has been caused by pedestrian or vehicle traffic, sporting events or other events aeration of the turf may become necessary to keep it healthy.​

Our Ventrac aeration system is designed to stir and loosen the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf.  Whilst the tines aerate the ground the bar also vibrates to help break up the soil and loosen the roots beneath the surface for increased water and oxygen absorption.​

The aerator is also fitted with an integrated over-seeder, so that reseeding can take place at the same time as aerating the ground making easy to replant grassland, wild flower meadow and woodland seed mixes.​

Aeration of an airstrip:

And of course, replace any damaged fencing: