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Woodland Management 2

As Land Agents and Surveyors ourselves, we understand the priorities of woodland ownership and can advice on its management to produce the best commercial, amenity and sporting outcomes.

Forestry and woodlands are the key to fighting climate change, absorbing CO2 and releasing Oxygen. They also greatly contribute to our sense of well-being.

Carbon Forestry Limited have long championed the planting of trees, shrubs and wildlife corridors, be if for planning permission compliance, for sporting/leisure, in a parkland setting or for the legacy of our families.

We like to think of ourselves as a cradle to grave service provider. We can take a site from bare ground or clear fell, design a planting scheme, advice on the most effective tree protection and fencing, through to long term maintenance and felling.

We can advice on the grants that are suitable and available for each planting scheme.

So be it infill planting in a woodland:

Or adding to the acreage already wooded:

Clear felling/cropping an existing woodland and replanting:

To replanting on the original site of a clear fell or on arable or bare ground…

With our extensive knowledge of what species are suited to differing ground conditions and sites we are able to advise on what to plant where, how and in what density to produce your desired effect whilst maintaining the balance of woodland species for that habitat without compromising the local flora & fauna.

We can provide the complete service, including weed and pest control, pruning and thinning.